SBK Lancelot

Sir Lancelot, The Ultimate Knight Of The Lake

Sir Lancelot (サー・ランスロット, Sā Ransurotto), is the Arthurian Times' version of Shadow the Hedgehog. Lancelot is one of the Knights of the Round Table, known as The Ultimate Knight Of The Lake, and is one of the strongest and greatest of the knights, who is very close to King Arthur. Lancelot wields the legendary sword Arondight. Lancelot is permanently set to Knight Style.


Voice actor: Jason Griffith (English), Kouji Yusa (Japanese)

Lancelot looks exactly like Shadow is most of his appearances including his hair, eyes, height, and weight, but has been added in with a knight's armor and his hover shoes are more armored than Shadow's shoes.


Lancelot have some personalities of Shadow that seems familiar, and seems to have a sense of honor like the knights do and Lancelot seems to have more manners than Shadow does.







Abilities and PowersEdit

Just like Sonic, he has a homing attack, and can also use this attack in order to perform an aerial attack. Lancelot's variation attack, Chaos Punishment, makes him vanish and reappear in front of an enemy to slash him. While attacking an enemy with Chaos Punishment, all of their movement seems to be stopped. When used with no enemy near, Lancelot will glow blue and fly through the level like Shadow when using Chaos Control.

With his final sword named Ddraig Goch, Lancelot can also use Chaos Spears by simply slashing with his sword. Also, Lancelot will combine his Chaos Punishment attack with Chaos Blast when attacking an enemy.

As the strongest of the other four Knights of the Round Table and the kight who rivals to king Arthur himself, his fighting and combat skills are so fast and dangerous, no one has ever defeated him and lived Even the slightest mistake could be the last mistake.

Just as the other knights, he can only be used in the levels Knight's Passage, Shrouded Forest, Great Megalith, The Cauldron and Dragon's Lair.

Also, like the other Knights of the Round Table, Lancelot cannot change his character style. He is a Knight-Style character.

Lancelot uses hovershoes and is capable of Supersonic running speed like Shadow, despite the Grand Kingdom seeming to lack high technology. His shoes could be powered by fairy magic. They are more armored than Shadow's, though.


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  • Arondight
  • Rubious
  • Morglay
  • Gastiga
  • Secase
  • Altachiara
  • Durendal
  • Aduro Cutlass
  • Aduro Khopesh
  • Precieuse
  • Espadon
  • Ddraig Goch