Shahra The Genie

Shahra the Genie

Shahra the Genie (シャーラ・ザ・ジーニー, Shāra za Jīnī) or simply Shahra (シャーラ, Shāra), is a special, eager young genie who enlists the help of Sonic and all of his adventures. She grants Sonic special abilities and special abilities to aid Sonic in his quest. She Her name suggests the 1001 nights character Scheherazade.


Voice actor: Bella Hudson (English), Mai Nakahara (Japanese)

Shahra is a tan skin genie with pink hair and gray eyes. she's always wearing light amethyst sleeveless, white shalwar, pink belt, golden jewelery, pink sandals, but sometimes she also appears with her lower half as someform of pink gas or smoke.



She is special, eager young genie who enlists the help of Sonic. She has a habit of calling Sonic "Master" (she's likely used to calling whoever releases her from her ring-like prison becomes her master), even though he prefers her to just call him by name. She formerly had a strong relationship towards Erazor.


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Abilities and PowersEdit

As a genie, Shahra was been trained with all the other genies by Hadji, Master of all Genies. Because of this, she's highly skillfull with her magic abilities, allowing her to float, fly, transform, or grant limitless wishes at will. While she does have high magic power, she seems to be unable to undo the works of any of the Erazor Djinn's magic, such as the cursed flaming arrow that he embeds in Sonic's chest.




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