Munchlax (マンチラクス, Munchurakusu) is a baby Normal-type Big Eater Pokémon that evolves into Snorlax when leveled up with high friendship.


Voice actor: Darren Dunstan (both English and Japanese)

Munchlax has a Blue or Green-colored body with a cream-colored spot on its chest. Its round head is blue/green in the top half and cream on the bottom half. It has big, round eyes and large pointy ears. It has five-fingered hands and cream-colored feet with three clawed toes. The fur close to the bottom of a Munchlax seems to resemble a dress. Munchlax has two pointy teeth that stick out of its mouth even when it is closed. Its height is 2'00" and weight is 231.5 lbs.

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Munchlax can gulp down food without chewing.


Munchlax behaves quite opposite of its evolution, Snorlax, as it is somewhat hyperactive. It is very similar with its eating patterns, however. It does not mind walking and running from place to place as it looks for food. Munchlax tend to store food in its long fur, although it sometimes forgets about its hidden food. It can also eat very many servings of food at a time, and rarely gets full.


Wild Munchlax can only be found in honey trees in the games, so it is apparent that they spend most of their time eating honey off honey trees, although this is not officially confirmed.


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Munchlax eats the most food of any Pokémon besides its evolution, Snorlax. It will eat nearly anything. It can rarely become full and will eat constantly, unlike Snorlax, who eats in between sleeping.

Major appearancesEdit

May's MunchlaxEdit

May currently owns a [[May's Munchlax|Munchlax}}, which she captured in Berry, Berry Interesting.


A Munchlax first appeared in Destiny Deoxys, where it evolved into a Snorlax to stay afloat in the Block Bot flood.

Minor appearancesEdit

A Munchlax appeared in Journey to the Unown!.

A Munchlax also appeared in Enter Galactic!

A Trainer named Kylie owns a Munchlax, which was seen in A Full Course Tag Battle!.

A wild Munchlax appeared in A Trainer and Child Reunion!.

Pokédex entryEdit

Munchlax, Big Eater Pokémon. The pre-evolved form of Snorlax. It gobbles up its own body weight in food each day, and it swallows its food without almost any chewing.


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