Molly (モリー Morī) is is leader of rebelious army, who hails from the planet Cascade, where a settlement or camp site have taken place during the war against the Metal Heads. After the war she and rest of the survivours of the Metal Head War later on join the G.U.N..


Voice actor: Bella Hudson (English), Not Known (Japanese)

Molly is 14-year old girl who wears a uniform like most of her army, except she wars pink shoes, her shirt was light, and has pants-like dark sleeves on her legs. She has red-orange hair, peach skin, blue eyes, her height is 160 cm., and weight is 47 kg., She is born on planet Cascade.


Molly was a very kind and determined young woman with leadership skills and strong beliefs that her planet could be glorious again and was always willing to risk her life for others, believing there would always be someone to replace her one day. She was very trusting of her teammates and troops and believed their devotion to be as strong as hers, and was reduced to tears when she learned the truth. She also tended to talk too much, a fact she seemed to have accepted about herself. Shadow notes how much she reminds him of Maria Robotnik.


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