Nurse Joy

Joy (ジョイ, Joi) or Nurse Joy (ナース・ジョイ, Nāsu Joi) are kind nurses who take care of Pokémon. Of course, Joy is not the first name of these women, but actually the family name.


Voice actor: Megan Hollingshead (English), Ayako Shiraishi (Japanese)

Nurse Joy is not a single entity. Rather, there are many Joys working as nurses across the various regions around the globe. They are not entirely identical, though aside from themselves, it seems that Brock is the only one who can tell them apart. However, each Nurse Joy will have a different color cross on her hat that indicates which location she works at. Other Nurse Joys living on the islands have a noticeably darker skin tone than their mainland counterparts, likely due to living in a more tropical region. There is a very distinct parallel between the families of Officer Jenny, Nurse Joy, and Don George. This may indicate some sort of relation or deeper connection. However, the only thing known about the three families is that they are apparently on good terms. The Nurse Joys have either red or pnik hair and blue eyes.


Nurse Joys are kind, earnest, honest Pokémon nurses who take care of sick and injured Pokémon, but will confront a Pokémon Trainer if they are not properly caring for their Pokémon. There are several notable Nurse Joys who appear vastly different from the others. A Nurse Joy acts as the Pokémon League inspector, her first appearance as anything but an ordinary Nurse Joy. Another Nurse Joy living in the Orange Archipelago has made her career instead be as an archaeologist, leading an expedition to a deserted island. A muscle-bound, kayak-riding Nurse Joy who also lives in the archipelago was featured, along with her befriended giant Magikarp.


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