Crobat (クロバット, Kurobatto) is a dual Poison/Flying-type Bat Pokémon that is the evolved form of Golbat when leveling it up with high friendship and is the final evolved form of Zubat.


Voice actor: Shin'ichirō Miki (both English and Japanese)

Crobat has a purple body as opposed to the blue body its pre-evolutions had. Crobat has a stubby pair of feet, and has developed a second pair of wings with greenish-blue undersides and two stubby 'fingers'. Crobat's pointed ears are long, and appear to lack ear insides. Crobat's mouth is smaller in comparison to Golbat's, and it appears to have its teeth constantly bared. It has also been shown to have teeth only on its lower jaw. Crobat's eyes are yellow with red pupils. Crobat's height is 5'11″ and weight is 165.3 lbs.

Special abilitiesEdit

Crobat's extra pair of wings allow it to fly much faster than its predecessors. Crobat's wings have also developed a more powerful cutting edge for using Cross Poison and X-Scissor.

Like most fully evolved Pokémon, Crobat can learn Hyper Beam and Giga Impact.


Like its pre-evolutions, Crobat becomes active at night. If Crobat is flying by fluttering only a pair of wings on either the forelegs or hind legs, it is proof that Crobat has been flying a long distance. It switches the wings it uses if it is tired. By alternately resting its front and rear wings, it can fly all day without having to stop. Crobat rests by hanging on a tree branch with its rear legs that serve as wings.


Crobat is a cave-dwelling Pokémon, however it is likely that they flutter outside during the night. They can be found in the Unova region.


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Crobat sneaks up on its intended prey.

Major appearancesEdit

Brock's CrobatEdit

Brock had a Crobat that he originally caught as a Zubat. It reached its final evolutionary form in Control Freak!. He eventually gave it to his brother Forrest.


Several Crobat appeared in Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! Part One, employed by the followers of Hunter J.

Minor appearancesEdit

Crobat made a small appearance in The Rise of Darkrai as one of the Pokémon Darkrai hit with a Dark Void attack as the other Trainers were attacking him.

Pokédex entryEdit

Crobat, Bat Pokémon. The evolved form of Golbat. With its two additional wings, Crobat is able to fly much faster than Golbat.


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