The Biolizard (バイオリザード, Baiorizādo) also known as The Prototype of the Ultimate Life Form is a genetically engineered giant lizard that was created under Project Shadow under Professor Gerald Robotnik. After the final version of the Ultimate Life Form (a.k.a. Shadow) was created, the Biolizard was supposed to be encapsulated, but never was.


Voice actor: Not Known (English), Not Known (Japanese)

It a creature that appears as a giant Brown-Orange lizard with a life support system on its back with tubes running down its neck to its head. The Biolizard is 17.37 m (57 ft.) or 85 meters (280 feet) long, 30 meters (100 feet) wide, 19.5 meters (64 feet) at the tallest point on its back, and weighs 87.5 tons. Abord the ARK back 50 years ago, the Biolizard was originally a small green lizard before its current state.




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The Biolizard fights by spitting dark energy balls, biting, or lashing its tail at Shadow. After chasing the hedgehog for some time, the lizard stops and seems to hyperventilate, which is Shadow's chance to grind up a green tube that connects the Biolizard's head to its life support system and attack it. After damaging the system a few times, the Biolizard creates dozens of pink egg-like orbs in the air, and fires them at Shadow. Shadow must then use homing attack on the orbs in order to get into the air and attack the life support system again. Finally, the Biolizard will somehow lift Shadow himself up into the air along with the orbs, and as such he must float towards the life support system while avoiding the orbs in order to defeat the Biolizard.

After transforming into FinalHazard, the Biolizard uses the power of the Chaos Emeralds to enhance itself while also gaining the ability to fire large pink energy beams from its broken life support system, and create similar orbs to the one before. Only the new ones are red and the FinalHazard creates hundreds of them to cover itself as a shield. It also fires them at Super Sonic and Super Shadow a few at a time. As his life support system has been somewhat repaired automatically, the FinalHazard has grown large pink boils all over its body, and Super Sonic and Super Shadow must charge into either these boils or its life support system again in order to harm it.




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